Coca-Cola Packaging

16oz PET 4pk Carrier

16 oz PET 4 pk Carrier

I was asked to design graphics for a new 16oz 4pk carrier for the four core Coca-Cola brands. After receiving the die guide, I cut, folded and glued to create a full-size prototype that I could fit over four 16oz bottles. This allowed me to see exactly how the package would look before I started designing the graphics. It was discovered that the carrier awkwardly cut off the bottle graphics when it was lead brand color on brand color (red on red for Coke, green on green for Sprite, etc). Our design team’s solution was to create a two-tone design with the carrier so a different color would cut off the bottle logos. This also made the carriers more fun and interesting. I added bottle silhouettes to the tabs on the top of the carrier both to reinforce the brand identity in that area and to play off the four bottles in the pack. I created these photoshop renderings of the bottles in the carrier to show alongside the flat graphics so our client could visualize how the final product would look.

12oz PET 24pk shrink wrap

12 oz PET 24 pk shrink wraps

Coca-Cola wanted new brand-driven shrink wraps for their core sparkling beverages. I designed these packages with simple, straightforward graphics, allowing consumers to tell exactly what the product is even from a distance.

Coca-Cola Holiday packaging 2009

Coca-Cola Holiday 2009

I worked on the 2009 holiday packaging for Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke. I was also able to design limited edition orb bottles for sale at select Walmart locations. I created the 3D renderings of the packaging shown here in Photoshop for use on Point of Sale (except for the orb bottles, which another designer rendered in Strata). These renderings were originally created just for in-house presentations within Coke, but our clients were so pleased that they decided to use them as the official product shots rather than spend more money elsewhere for new product photography. I have since created more 3D renderings for other packaging jobs.

The orb bottles were featured on packaging design website November 30, 2009.

8oz can 24pk shrink wrap

8 oz can 24 pk shrink wraps

The target audience for these 8oz mini cans are moms shopping for after school snacks. The packaging needed to be fun so parents would want to buy it as a treat for their kids. I drew several straw options for each brand and played around with different can arrangements to match the copy.

Coca-Cola Football Cup

32 oz Football Cup

Coca-Cola needed their football fountain cups updated to fit with their new, simple visual identity. When designing this cup, I wanted to create a clean, sophisticated look that was distinctly Coca-Cola with only subtle references to football. One of the illustrators at Finished Art created these football laces in the shape of a contour bottle for another project where they did not end up being used. I decided to take these laces and place them over a football shape with a faint pigskin texture. The alternating sides of the cup are identical to the generic Coca-Cola fountain cups, again referencing the iconic contour bottle design.

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